How To Write a Press Release That Drives Engagement

You write a press release to spread the news about your brand and get media attention. It can also because you want to drive traffic to your site.

If these are your goals, you want to make sure that you’re writing an engaging content. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve all your business goals.

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Check out how you can craft a release that drives engagement:

Write a news.

You are writing  a release, a news. Make sure that it offers a new and interesting angle. To make it “news” it should be new to the audience.

Your audiences don’t want boring and the same, old story. They want fresh, never-been heard stories.

For these reasons, journalists know what their readers want. They want news that promotes engagement. Avoid content that is irrelevant and doesn’t provide value to the audience.

When you’re done writing, ask someone outside your company to know if they find it interesting. If you received a negative response, edit your content again.

Write attention-grabbing headlines.

You should be able to write headlines that have an impact. Journalists give high importance on headlines and subject line.

You only have a few seconds to catch their attention, or else, your pitch will be thrown in the bin. A well-written headline should be short, interesting, engaging and summarizes the content of your story.

If you find it difficult to craft headlines, practice writing. You can also get a hint by studying your target reporter. Check how they write the headlines.

Content with impact.

When you write a release, choose topics that have a great impact with your audience. Even if it’s just a simple product launch, you should be able to write it with an interesting angle.

One method that you can try is writing a release that shows your expertise. You can write “how to” topics or articles that provide guideline and tips.

You may also try writing a content that shows your stance on a hot issue happening in politics, economy or the world. It may be showing your stance on controversial issues.

These topics are interesting and thus promotes engagement. People love to read stories where they can relate and voice their opinions.

Include a story.

A best press release distribution company is not a release, without a story. People are human beings who can relate to stories because of the human element.

When writing a content, integrate your own story. For instance, write how your brand was able to introduce your products in the market. You may include the challenges you’ve met, and how you were able to overcome them.

When you write a story like this, people will likely read it. It has an even more tendency to be shared.

Include multimedia.

A release with image, video or infographics are read more than those with only text. If you want your release to be engaging, include the right multimedia.

In Business Wire’s NewsTrak report, it was found that releases with video get 55.4 percent more views and 36.1 percent more clicks and releases with image have 4.6 percent more views and 7.1 percent more clicks than releases with no multimedia. It’s a proof of how multimedia help drive engagement.

Gone are the days when releases are heavy text. Now they have evolved to become social media-friendly. They have images, video and infographics that make them more interactive and interesting.

Story with trends.

People are naturally curious. If you have conducted a study, you may present the result by highlighting the data trends with the use infographics.

Infographics are a great way to present facts and figures that can be understood easily. They look interesting, colorful and informative. People are usually drawn to this kind of content.

The quality of your press release is what makes it engaging to the audience. Always aim to offer valuable content that teaches something, solves an issue or inform the audience.